The Narrow Way

Christ is the only way to God the Father. His blood alone has put away sin. His imputed righteousness alone has made His people accepted. You cannot improve upon His righteousness by any so-called “progressive sanctification.” You either have His righteousness and His righteousness alone and therefore accepted in the beloved, or you stand condemned in your own self-righteousness.

If any part of your salvation depends on your work, you are hopelessly lost. His grace alone gives the believer access into the presence of God. He perfectly fulfilled the law of God on behalf of His elect. By imputation the sins of all the elect were laid on Him. Christ “was numbered with the transgressor, and He bare the sin of many.” He voluntarily undertook to be the Substitute and Surety of His elect. By this way and this way only, by the transferring of sin from the sinner to Christ at the cross, the sinner ceases to be regarded as a sinner, his guilt is removed, and he is declared justified before the throne of grace.

By D. Weaver

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