Once Offered To Bear The Sins Of Many

The Lord Jesus Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many.

As man dies but once, Christ was offered but once, or He suffered and died but once. And that was not on His own account, or for His own sins, “but to bear the sins of many.”

It was not for angels but for men, and these not a few, but “many,” which is said to magnify the grace of God, to exalt the satisfaction and righteousness of Christ, and to encourage souls to hope in Him. Hence, many are brought to believe in Him, and many are justified by Him, have their sins forgiven them, and are glorified.

Though Christ bore not the sins of all men; for as all men have not faith, all are not justified, pardoned, and saved, what He bore were “sins” – all kind of sin, every act of sin, and all that belongs to it – its filth, guilt, and punishment, even the iniquity of all His people.

His bearing these sins supposes they were upon Him, though not in Him, imputed, though not inherent. He did not sink under them, but He made an entire satisfaction for them and bore them wholly away, both from the persons of His people and from the sight of justice.

The way in which He came to bear them was this – He became a surety for all the elect. His Father imputed to Him all their sins, and He voluntarily took them upon Himself. Where justice found them and demanded satisfaction of Him for them, He gave it, which is an instance both of His great love, and of His great strength.

By John Gill

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