John Wesley On John Wesley

In a letter to his brother Charles in June 1766, the Arminian evangelist John Wesley, now in his sixties, confesses that he does not and never did love God, believe or have the direct witness of divine sonship or even of things invisible or eternal. Read for yourself.

“In one of my last [letters] I was saying that I do not feel the wrath of God abiding on me; nor can I believe it does. And yet (this is the mystery), I do not love God. I never did. Therefore I never believed, in the Christian sense of the word.

Therefore I am only an honest heathen … And yet, to be so employed of God! And so hedged in that I can neither get forward nor backward! Surely there was never such an instance before, from the beginning of the world! If I ever have had that faith, it would not be so strange. But I never had any other evidence of the eternal or invisible world than I have now; and that is none at all, unless such as faintly shines from reason’s glimmering ray. I have no direct witness (I do not say, that I am a child of God, but) of anything invisible or eternal.”

“And yet I dare not preach otherwise than I do, either concerning faith, or love, or justification, or perfection. And yet I find rather an increase than a decrease of zeal for the whole work of God and every part of it. I am borne along, I know not how, that I can’t stand still. I want all the world to come to what I do not know.”
(quoted in Stephen Tomkins, John Wesley, A Biography [Oxford: Lion Publishing, 2003], p. 168; italics mine)

Author of Test All Things:

This is the fruits of Arminianism – they are rotten and soul destroying – reader, if you are fighting against the sovereignty of God in salvation you MUST repent, those who fight against the doctrines of election and grace do so to their everlasting shame.

2 Comments on “John Wesley On John Wesley

  1. Wow! This is unbelievable and so very sad! I would like to know what the ” … ” contained, lest you be accused of lifting phrases from Wesley’s letter out of context. You make an excellent point in your comment. I concur wholeheartedly.


  2. The bible says we are predestined to be saved by God. obvious he wasn’t. I would hate to have to stand in front of God with all that said by him.

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