The Life of Faith

Is it the desire of your inmost soul that Christ should be glorified by you?

Then forget not the grand, luminous truth of the Bible, that He is the Saviour of sinners, and of sinners as sinners; that in the great matter of the soul’s salvation, He recognizes nothing of worthiness in the creature, and that whatever human merit is brought to Him with a view of commending the case to His notice, whatever — be it even the incipient work of His own Spirit in the heart — is appended to His finished work, as a ground of acceptance with God, is so much detraction from His glory as a Redeemer — than which, of nothing He is more jealous — and consequently places the soul at a great remove from His grace.

But like Bartimaeus, casting the garment from you — be that garment what it may, pride of merit, pride of intellect, pride of learning, pride of family, pride of place, yea, whatever hinders your entering the narrow way and prevents your receiving the kingdom of God “as a little child” and coming to Jesus to be saved by Him alone — brings more real glory to Him than imagination can conceive or words can describe.

If, then, Jesus is especially glorified in the faith of His people, let yours be a life of faith in all its minute detail.

Live upon Him for spiritual supplies; live upon Him for temporal supplies.

Go to Him in dark providences, that you may be kept from sinking; go to Him in bright providences, that you may be kept from falling.

Go to Him when the path is rough, that you may walk in it contentedly; go
to Him when the path is smooth, that you may walk in it surely.

Let your daily history be a travelling to Jesus empty, and a coming from Jesus filled. Keep the truth constantly and prominently before your eye, “The just shall live by faith.” If this be so, do not expect that God will ever permit you to live by sight. Bend your whole soul submissively to Him in this matter. Let His will and yours be one.

If, in the course of your wilderness journeyings, He has brought you into a great strait, yea, to the very margin of the sea, still at His bidding “go forward” though it be into the sea. Trust Him to cleave asunder its waters, making a dry passage for your feet, and causing those very waves that threatened to engulf you now to prove as a cloud canopying you above, and as walls of strength, fencing you in on every side.

Remember, too, that it is one peculiar exercise and precious privilege of faith, to “wait patiently for the Lord.” The divine exhortation is, “Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him; and He will bring it to pass.” (Psalm 37:5)

“Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him.” (Psalm 37:7) This patience of the soul is the rest of faith on the faithful God; it is a standing still, to see His salvation. And the divine encouragement is that in this posture will be found the secret of your real power. “In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.”

“Their strength is to sit still.” (Isaiah 30:7)

Be watchful against everything that would mar the simplicity of your faith, and so dim the glory of Jesus. Especially guard against the adoption of unlawful or doubtful measures with a view to disentanglement from present difficulties.

Endure the pressure, submit to the wrong, bear the suffering, rather than sin against God by seeking to forestall His mind or to antedate His purpose or be transferring your interests from His hands to your own.

“Beware of desperate steps: the darkest day.
Wait but tomorrow, will have passed away.”

O the glory that is brought to Jesus by a life of faith!

Who can fully estimate it?

Taking to Him the corruption, as it is discovered — the guilt, as it rises — the grief, as it is felt — the cross, as it is experienced — the wound, as it is received; yea, simply following the example of John’s disciples who, when their master was slain, took up his headless body and buried it, and then went and poured their mournful intelligence into the ear of Jesus, and laid their deep sorrow on His heart.

This is to glorify Christ!

Truly is this “precious faith,” and truly is the “trial of your faith precious,” for it renders more precious to the heart “His precious blood,” who, in His Person, is unutterably “precious to them that believe.” (1 Peter 2:7)

By Octavius Winslow

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