Mark Driscoll

“In my own life, I occasionally receive prophetic dreams, where God tells me about people and circumstances in the future that ultimately come to pass just like God said. Occasionally, just a few occasions, I’ve had God audibly speak to me. As far as I know, I’ve never been visited by an angel. But I do, and we do believe, in these kinds of supernatural, miraculous ways that God specially reveals.”
(Mark Driscoll – Christian Doctrine part 2 – What is Revelation?)

“I started praying to God, “God, I love Grace and I want to marry her. Should she be the girl that I should marry?” I’d never really considered God much in the equation prior to that. And God spoke to me audibly. He doesn’t do that all the time. He said to marry Grace, plant churches, train men and preach the Bible. And so I called Grace and said, “Well, God said that we’re supposed to get married.”
(Mark Driscoll – Christian Doctrine series – Incarnation: God comes – Part 1)

“I was at Washington State when God told me to move back home, start up a family and plant a church in Seattle,”

“Dude, when God speaks to you, it’s the sort of thing you’re just not going to forget.”

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