The Blood Applied

Among all the precious things of God there is not one so precious, so inestimable, so influential, as the precious blood of Christ.

All salvation, all purity, all peace, all holiness, all hope, all heaven, is bound up in the atoning blood of Immanuel.

There is no acceptance for the sinner, no cleansing for the guilty, no pardon for the penitent, no sanctification for the believer, but in the vicarious sacrifice of the Son of God.

With nothing are honesty and tenderness of conscience, soul prosperity, the power of prayer, purity of heart, holiness of life, unreserved obedience, peace, joy and hope so intimately related, so closely entwined, as the precious blood of Christ.

It becomes, then, of the greatest moment that we should have scriptural, spiritual, realising views of this great truth.

The point at which we are liable to come short is not so much our depreciatory views of the essential worth of atoning blood as of the necessity of the application of it to the conscience. How few there are of the Lord’s people who are walking with the blood upon the conscience!

“For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep.”

We detect this deficiency and defect in the experimental religion of many, by the absence of a wakeful conscience, of deep spirituality of mind, of minute confession of sin, of closeness of walk, and a Christ-like temper and spirit. Nor this alone.

To what may we trace the doubt and uncertainty as to their personal salvation, the want of assured peace, joy and communion with God, which imparts a sickly hue to the religion of so many, which dims their light, impairs their vigour, and makes them so easy a prey to Satan’s assaults and the world’s seductions, but to the absence of close dealing with the atoning blood?

The application of blood was a truth distinctly seen, even amidst the dim twilight shadows of the Levitical and prophetical dispensations. The blood of the sacrifice was of no avail until it was applied, brought into contact with the object.

That object then whether a person or a thing became relatively holy.

Touched by the sacrificial blood it was regarded as sanctified as set apart for the holy Lord God; but until the blood was applied it was a common thing.

How glorious the gospel of this!

The believing soul must come in contact with the atoning blood of Christ; and in order to maintain holiness and closeness of walk with God the essence of true religion and to pass through life’s duties, trials and temptations as a royal priest, realising our high calling of God, there must be the constant application of the blood of Christ (in our conscience).

By Octavius Winslow

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