2 Comments on “Let Them Not Divorce

  1. Chris,

    Being a member of a Freegrace Baptist Church. It bothers me that many in it view “fornication” as an escape term (even through my Pastor acknowledges that scripture does not address marrying another as a “permission” as in Mt.19:9) Also, they use the KJV but go to the “other” Greek/Hebrew manuscripts.
    Do you believe the Bible addresses whether I should fellowship there or not?

    • Hi Alvin,

      If the leadership in the congregation teach the truth regarding marriage and divorce then that is what is important. If the leadership depart from the Word of God and allow for divorce and remarriage then moral apostasy will inevitably creep into the congregation.

      Myself personally, we always look to join ourselves with brethren who agree with us that marriage is an unbreakable bond and a picture between Christ and His bride.

      It is important in the place you are in to teach the truth of marriage to whoever will listen and earnestly contend for the truth of God’s Word to whoever will hear you and pray that God will open their spiritual eyes to receive His Word.

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