One Comment on “C.S. Lewis – A Practicing, Occultic Catholic

  1. Larry Phillips awesome job. I could share a testimony about Narnia and the persecusion I came under at my old church because I came up against this junk and had to remove my children from a christian school (at my old church) because I was told they would have to read the Narnia series and Lord of the Rings and I said oh no they are not.

    There is one important point of the movie that needs to be made and shared. In the movie Mr. Beaver shares with the children about the origin of the white witch and where she came from. He say she come from Adam’s first wife, her they called Lilith. I am trying to be brief and to the point. In Isaiah 34:14 it talks about the schrich owl and the satyr. In Hebrew in the Strongs Concordance 3917 Lilith is a female night demon, a schrich owl and so on. She comes from Jewish folklore and she is nasty. I have spent countless hours researching C S Lewis and Narnia. Gods word tell us clearly to have nothing to do with fables. A fabulist is a person who writes fables and a fabulist is a liar, look it up. Lilith is sa nasty, she is considered the mother of all demons and need I say more. Dr. James Dobson and others need to repent for ever promoting this garbage. There is a woman by the name of Starhawk (a jewish girl) that became a witch because of The Chronicles of Narnia, not Harry Potter. Parents beware.

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