The LORD Our Helper

We need the help of the Lord all through the wilderness. We need His help to enable us to keep constant and faithful to the profession of His truth, therefore the apostle says, “stand fast, and quit you like men.”

This is a day of awful departure from the truth of God; and it is lamentable to see how some ministers are swerving and sliding back from that which they once professed, turning aside into error, and causing the Philistines to rejoice. May the Lord help us to stand fast, and never to give up that truth which debases the sinner in the dust and puts the crown on the head of the Lord Jesus Christ!

The Lord will help you to plead with His blessed Majesty not to allow you either to court the smiles, nor fear the frowns of any man; but to be kept faithful and honest in the conscience; to be girt about with the whole armor of truth; and to be able to wield the sword of the Spirit, in dependence upon His promised aid; and to leave all consequences in the hands of the Lord and Master.

By John Kershaw – 1876

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