The True Character Of Joseph Smith

2 Comments on “The True Character Of Joseph Smith

  1. My name is Jonathan, I am a active believing member of the LDS faith. I wanted to make a comment on part of this video. It was stated that Joseph was an adulterer, becuase he had multiple wives. Then 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 was quoted, saying that adulterers will not inherit the kingdom of God. My question is, is the author of the video suggesting that Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon and others will not inherit the Kindgom of God? I believe that adultery is one of the most grevious sins. A sin is an act against God’s will. However, if God commands something, it is not a sin and is not adultery. I believe that Joseph and others were commanded by God to have multiple wives. We do not always understand God’s doings, but God can testify to us the truth of his doings through his spirit. Again, I don’t understand it all perfectly, but I believe wholly that Joseph Smith Jr. was a virtuos, godly and good man, and a true prophet of the God of Israel. God bless.

    • Hello Jonathan,

      Joseph Smith married other mens wives without their knowledge secretly.
      He was a wicked adulterer.

      Part of the angry mob who went to kill Joseph were husbands of the wives whom Joseph had secretly married.

      Abraham, Jacob and David did NOT marry other mens wives. They married virgins and widows.

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