The Life And Theology Of D. L. Moody

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3 Comments on “The Life And Theology Of D. L. Moody

  1. Excellent piece of work. I was only recently reading his sons account of his fathers so called revivals. Moody admits that there is no conviction and wonders why there appears to be no conviction for sin in his meetings. So God was not with him. Hence his need to create another way into heaven. Thanks be to God for such honesty. This is what we need to return to and no longer taken in by personalities. Revival of morals and ethics, of the truth is needed then the Lord shall add the rest as a blessing.

  2. what lesson that we can learn from jonah book .Can you gave an interpretation of how jonah went to lower level( land area to bottom area of ship then to belly of fish,then to bottom area of sea like that) when he rebels God.explanation of indruction

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