By The Obedience of One

MY soul, no obedience of thine, before faith in Christ, can make thee righteous!

Obedience after faith doth not make thee righteous; so then thou art made righteous by the one obedience of Christ.

Settle this matter well in thy conscience.

The glory of thy God and the comfort of thy soul spring from it, for:

(1) it is positively asserted, “By the obedience of One, or the One obedience of Christ, shall many be made righteous.” The faith of God’s elect takes the comfort of this, and will love Christ, live upon His righteousness, and give Him the glory of it.

But, (2) who are made righteous by Christ’s one obedience?

“Many,” the many sons whom Christ shall bring to glory, Hebrews 2:10. Even all who see themselves miserable sinners, and believe in Christ as their righteousness. What a glorious way is this of making sinners righteous! It secures all the glory to Christ. It keeps the sinner humble before Him, dependent on Him; and prevents all self-righteous boasting. It gives a poor sinner the greatest boldness, with access of confidence to God. It inspires warm love to Christ, and cheerful obedience of faith.

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