Cost Of The Original Book Of Mormon In 1830

“After the Book was published, I frequently bantered him [Martin Harris] for a copy. He asked fourteen shillings a piece for them; I told them I would not give so much; he told me [they] had had a revelation that they must be sold at that price. Sometime afterwards I talked with Martin Harris about buying one of the Books and he told me they had had a new revelation, that they might be sold at ten shillings a piece.”
(Henry Harris, in Mormonism Unvailed – Page 252)

“The Mormons said the price of the ‘Book of Mormon’ was established at $1.75 by revelation. It did not sell well and they claimed to receive another to sell it at $1.25.”
(Sylvia Walker – Naked Truths About Mormonism: Volume 1 – Page 1)

“Five thousand copies were published – and they said the angel told Smith to sell the book at a price which was one dollar and eight cents per copy more than the cost, that they ‘might have the temporal profit, as well as the spiritual.’”
(David Marks, Baptist minister – The Life of David Marks – 1831 – Page 341. Quote made after visiting with David Whitmer and the Whitmer family)

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