The Pope Denounces True Christians

One Comment on “The Pope Denounces True Christians

  1. I have listened to numerous audio/video sermons by Bible-thumping Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, Sola Christo & Sola Gratia Born Again Christians and I must thank YAHWEH our true Elohim and Jesus Christ His only begotten Son for the vast knowledge I have gained therefrom. But ONE thing I disagree with ALL of them is their insistence in referring to these heretical religions as the “church” as if there is absolutely NO distinction between believers and unbelievers. Do the religions of Roman Catholicism, SDA, True Jesus Church, Mormonism, JW, et al belong to the “body” of Jesus Christ? To say that it makes no impact whether we refer to Roman Catholicism as a “church” or a “religion”, since it is still a false “church”. A false church no doubt but let’s not forget the definition of a “church”. Genuinely born again Christian belongs to the “body” of Jesus Christ; therefore, only he/she can qualify to belong to the “CHURCH” and not those who come under the category of a cultic religion of which the Roman Catholic religion is the “Mother of All Cultic Religions”. For that, ALL cultic religions should NEVER be referred to as a “church” per se. I sincerely hope that genuinely born again Christians should CEASE calling these false religions as “churches”; instead they should merely be referred to as “religions”. There is a world of difference between “church” and “religion”; one is of JESUS CHRIST (former) whilst the other (latter) is of SATAN! Period. MARANATHA. HALLELUJAH. AMEN.

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