One Comment on “Peter And The Rock

  1. It is absolutely bewildering that despite ALL the objective evidences to affirm that JESUS CHRIST id the ROCK and not Peter; Roman Catholicism stubbornly insist that Peter is the Rock! What idiots! What lunatics and mental pygmies can they become? How many ROCKS can there be in the Bible? Two? Or just One? But then again, we are witnesses to the stupidity of papists when the application of satanic secular philosophies no longer provide a safe haven for their cultic religion. My 5 year old son knew how to interpret 1 Corinthians 10:4 better than the best of the papists’ brains in that seat of the Devil in the Vatican. Hallelujah to the ROCK of ages – my Lord and my God JESUS CHRIST. JESUS is the ROCK. Period. Any papist who denies this fact is both an idiot and a fool whose mentality is no greater than that of a 50 year old Mongol.

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