There Are No Clocks In Hell

“No clocks in hell,” dear Tiptaft said,
Who, truth to tell, was not afraid;
He knew that time would ended be,
And then would come Eternity.

But now the truth most men deny,
And heaven and hell they count a lie;
Still, God is true, and all shall see
The end of time – “Eternity.”

The fool hath said, “There is no God”
This way of old the wicked trod;
They were cut down from time we see,
And went into “Eternity.”

Whatever men may say or think,
We all are living on death’s brink,
And, in a moment’s time may be
Launched into long “Eternity.”

Then come what will, this truth is plain,
“Except a man is born again,”
God’s kingdom he will never see —
No, not to all “Eternity.”

But all who here partake of grace
And truly seek the Saviour’s face,
With joy of heart his face shall see,
And that to all “Eternity.”

1869. G.H.

[The above lines, it is said, arose from a solemn remark made by the late Mr. Tiptaft, when in the late Mr. Tanner’s shop, at Cirencester. — The remark was, “Friend Tanner! There are no docks in hell!” – Enoch Feazey (Gospel Standard Editor, 1899]

One Comment on “There Are No Clocks In Hell

  1. Chris –
    thanks for all the “work” you do for the Lord and to inform us – I have never thought about this/ never grasped that from Bible – I am going to seek the Lord and study in His Word for understanding /clarity

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