An Ode To Freewill! (Or An Ode To ME!)

(This is a satirical poem written to expose the Arminian Lie)

Some believe in election,
Oh, no, not me,
For I know He chose me,
because my faith He did foresee.

He saw that I would choose Him,
and He saw something good in me,
Reacting to that foreseen good,
He chose me.

God cannot force a free person
To choose to come to Him.
Salvation must be by freewill
And up to the sinner’s whim.

God would be unfair to pick and choose,
Whom He would save and whom He would lose,
God values us so much that He lets US choose.

I know the Lord loves me.
But His love can’t set me free.
God loves the whole world,
But most of them don’t see.

His blood is not the answer,
Nor His love for me.
Sure, hell is full of sinners
Who had the same chance as me.

Christ tried to save a lot more
Than those who come to Him.
But He dare not violate their will,
So many stay in sin.

If only they had seen their need, like me.
They would be free,
I guess they were not as humble,
as little old me.

While others plug their ears and eyes,
I chose to see.
God’s grace did just enough,
To leave it up to me.

I chose my own destiny.

I am glad I chose aright.
So many foolish people
Are going to get a fright.

But I know God in heaven
Respects the choice I’ve made.
I know He wishes that others
His Son their Lord had made

Jesus died for all men
When He suffered on that tree.
But sadly many of them
Will perish eternally.

It really isn’t God’s fault
He tried His best, you see.
But salvation is important
So He left it up to you and me.

Yes, I am a sinner, but my will’s still free
To choose or reject Him,
Who died for me.

If I did not choose Him,
and accept what He did for me,
My sins Christ could not forgive,
So, He waits for me.

In fact, it would all be useless,
Christ’s work upon that tree,
If co-operation, acceptance and agreement,
didn’t come from me.

Yes, the Spirit draws me,
But I can refuse to see,
If it weren’t for me helping him,
He’d never have saved me.

Jesus did His very best,
when He died on Calvary,
He paid for all sins, but for all His pains,
Only some of those go free.

God doesn’t mind sharing,
some of the glory with me,
He and I have an agreement,
you see?

Jesus came from heaven.
And died upon a tree,
So that His great salvation,
Would be entirely up to me.

Free will, free will coming from me,
Is what makes me a Christian,
Everyone has it, not everyone uses it,
Come on, use it, be a Christian and be free!

by Martyn McGeown

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