A Ransom For Many

“The Son of Man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many,”
(Matthew 20:28)

When the Lord Jesus laid down His life for the world, did He do it for every single person in the world?

This is an important question because if He died for everyone without exception, and yet many still end up under God’s eternal condemnation, then that puts in question not only Christ’s power to save, but God’s justice, having sacrificed His Son, and then punishing those for whom He died. No! When the Bible speaks of Christ being the Savior of the world, it means the Savior of men and women from every tribe, nation, and tongue. He died for everyone without distinction of race, as in all sorts of sinners in the world, Revelation 5:9.

He gave His life for many, the many that God the Father chose from eternity and gave to Him, John 6:37, but not all without exception. The Good News is that having laid down His life, God the Father is just in forgiving and justifying everyone for whom He died. All who believe on Christ for salvation do so because Christ died for them! His ransom paid it all!

By Ken Wimer

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