A Small Reminder

“Shall there be evil in a city, and the Lord hath not done it?”
Amos 3:6

Everyone’s making excuses for God. I heard one preacher on talk radio say, “God is love because He spent all His wrath on Jesus Christ. Therefore, the tsunami was a mere natural event”.

The famous Pat Robertson, when asked if the tsunami was of God, said it was merely a simple matter of two tectonic plates shifting and causing a big displacement of water.

Well, is not their god almighty and sovereign over “nature”?

Did not Jesus rebuke the wind and the waves and command them to “Peace, be still”, and the result was a great calm of the water as a display of His complete mastery over His creation (Mark 4:39; Matthew 8:26, 27; Psalm 89:9) ?

Did He not part the mighty sea in front of the Jews who passed over safely on dry land while causing it to crash in on Pharaoh’s army?

Could He not have done the same in our day?

I would ask Robertson this, was not the worldwide flood of Noah’s day a deliberate, calculated act of Almighty God?

Why then is it so difficult to believe that this comparative splash was not also equally deliberate?

Why are supposed men of God so ashamed of how He disposes of His creatures?

And how will they see it when He ultimately disposes of this world and all its elements (2 Peter 3:12), and all the wicked themselves in the judgment of judgments (Revelation 20:12-15) ?

This recent incredible act of our sovereign God is but a small foretaste of the ultimate judgment to come on this present evil world. I do not mean to seem callous. But, while the recent death and destruction in Asia is staggering to us, in the grand scheme of God’s purpose it is but a small reminder.

But will men learn from it?

Sadly, instead of repenting they are turning to their idols all the more.

Steve Baloga, a member of Providence Church, Powell, Tennessee

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