What Would Jesus Do With WWJD?

Would He, His apostles, or His disciples wear bracelets, necklaces, or t-shirts with this logo?

They would condemn this junk!

1. First, Jesus Christ never looked like the weak and sickly, bearded lady in the picture! Long hair on a man is disgusting (1 Corinthians 11:14-15). And He certainly does not look like her now. He is King of kings and Lord of lords, and He is glorious in appearance (Revelation 1:10-18; 19:11-16). The WWJD Jesus is a false Jesus (2 Corinthians 11:3-4).

2. Second, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself condemned any such outward paraphernalia as being a hypocritical religious sham. He said:
“But all their works they do for to be seen of men: they make broad their phylacteries, and enlarge the borders of their garments.”
Matthew 23:5

Phylactery. A product of Jewish ceremonial superstition, in which strips of parchment bearing Scripture verses were worn on the left arm and forehead to publicly show dedication to God and His Scriptures. The practice developed from a literal perversion of God’s spiritual and figurative commandments in Exodus 13:16; Deuteronomy 6:8; and 11:18. The Pharisees perfected the pretentious custom along with other similar rituals as part of their hypocritical religious form (Mark 7:3-4). Because they were even known to enlarge the traditional size of the phylactery to appear ever more spiritual before men, the Lord Jesus Christ severely censured them for it (Matthew 23:5).

3. He would not wear such junk in public, for He never lifted up His voice or cried in the streets (Matthew 12:19). He was not revealed to Israel until He was thirty years old (Luke 3:23), and He still did not seek promotion even after that (Matthew 8:4; 16:20).

4. He would remind us that true religion is of the heart, not the lips or the wrist (Matthew 15:7-9). So that those who emphasize such an outward show are hypocrites.

5. He would remind us that God looks on the heart, not the appearance (1 Samuel 16:7), which has been true under both covenants (Isaiah 57:15: 66:2; Micah 6:6-8).

6. He would remind us that doing things to be seen of men has its reward, the praise of men; but such things bring no reward from God in heaven (Matthew 6:2,5,16).

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