Dave Hunt

Matthew 7:15
Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheeps clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves.

Matthew 7:16
Ye shall know them by their fruits.


Dave Hunt is an author and Bible commentator who has written about 30 books. Hunt was born in 1926 and was raised in J.N. Darby’s “Plymouth Brethren” denomination.

Hunt was clearly steeped at an early age in Darby’s dispensationalist views, and he would become an avid advocate of the Francisco Ribera teachings regarding Daniel 9:27.

According to Hunt, at some point he became disillusioned with the “cessationist” views of his denomination, and, for a time, he became enamored with the more charismatic views on scripture after reading the works of William Law and Andrew Murray. But sometime during the 1980’s it seems that Hunt had come full circle to a more traditional Darbyist view on scripture.As can be expected in any conspiracy/mystery, there are twists and turns.

In 1994, Dave Hunt wrote a book entitled A Woman Rides A Beast, which taught the traditional reformed views of the Catholic Church as to the woman in Revelation 17. By the middle of the 1990’s, Hunt had become a favorite of both the anti-catholic reformed thinkers, and the Darbyist dispensationalists. Hunt spent most of his time as a “heresy hunter”, cementing his position in the minds of most Protestants as a defender of the faith. Once again, the Jesuit ploy was working. The defenses were down, and Loyola’s Marian war was about to come to fruition.


What Love is This, by Hunt debuted just recently as Hunt’s defense of Arminianism. Sub-titled “Calvinism’s misrepresentation of God”, Hunt pushes the Jesuit agenda to the hilt. In fact, in order to deceive as many Protestants as possible, Hunt uses his Jesuit inspired book to claim that the reformed doctrines of predestination and election are based on Catholic Doctrine! Amazing! But deception wouldn’t be deception unless it worked.

To write the forward of the Book, Hunt chose dispensationalist and rapturist author Tim Lahaye. LaHaye is the millionaire best-selling author of the Left Behind series of books.

Known for their hokey theology and horrible scriptural gymnastics, the Left Behind series has roped MILLIONS of people into the Jesuit theory of the end times.

LaHaye says this about Hunt’s book:”Dave Hunt… proves Calvinism is not a Protestant doctrine, but is based in Greek fatalism brought into the church in the fifth century by Augustine, paving the way for the CATHOLIC DOCTRINE of predestination that all but destroyed Christianity and then was picked up by Calvin and presented as Reformed theology.”
Hunt uses a predictable ploy, and through it he is able to hoodwink most nominal Christians who are too spiritually retarded and lazy to do any research on their own.

Let’s lay it out like Hunt does:

1. Augustine was Catholic, therefore he believed in Catholic doctrines like placing tradition on a level with scripture.

2. Since Augustine believed in Predestination too, then anyone who believes in Predestination is really Catholic.

Stupid, but it works on most people. The fact that the Catholic Church in its Catechisms denounces predestination and rejects the doctrine of election does not phase Hunt one bit. The fact that the Catholic Church murdered and imprisoned the reformers for their belief in election doesn’t factor in either. The fact that Augustine also believed in the Trinity does not cause Dave Hunt to challenge that Biblical doctrine.

Like his theological father Jacobus Arminius, it seems that Dave Hunt is not above lying in order to forward his Jesuit doctrines.So the trap is sprung and the multitudes will fall prey to it. Hunt writes a book decrying Catholicism as the evil woman of Revelation 17. Then Hunt writes another book turning truth on its head and claiming that the doctrine of election is not a truly Christian doctrine, but was concocted by the Catholic Church. Simple enough, right?Must be, you ought to read my email.

I am attacked from both the Catholics and the so-called “remnant” believers because of my insistence on the Doctrines of Grace. I have received at least 20 letters from people who pompously claim that they are neither Arminians NOR Calvinists, but in fact they are somewhere “in the middle”.

The Media Scientia (Middle-Knowledge) of that Jesuit monk de Molina has resurfaced from the poison pen of Dave Hunt, and the doctrine has been embraced almost universally.Not surprisingly, Hunt is also a notable friend and partner with most of those who are deep into the ecumenical movement. His buddy Tim LaHaye, who wrote the forward for his book, is on the board of ECT (Evangelicals and Catholics Together).

Hunt declares that he is NOT a “five-point” Arminian. He believes in the perseverance of the saints. So we can not only affirm that Dave Hunt is a charlatan and a deceiver, but he is also fundamentally illogical. Apparently Hunt believes that the freewill of man is sovereign over the will of God in salvation, but that subsequent to salvation, God abuses mans freewill by not allowing him to change his mind.

Catholic writer Robert W. Aufill has this to say about Hunt:

“Strangely, Hunt… does not realize that his own emphasis on ‘deciding for Christ’ inescapably implies the possibility of co-operating with the grace of justification — a possibility the Reformers constantly condemned but upon which the Catholic Church insists.”

At least with Arminianism, we had a logical and clearly defined enemy. Today, pride and avarice reign. Too many people aren’t willing to study these issues for themselves, so they fall prey to millionaire charlatans with books to peddle.

Loyola’s plan has come to fruition. The Jesuit doctrines of anti-Grace have become the dominant teaching of the churches of the world.
The Woman that Rides the Beast, that mother of Harlots, has seen her offspring grow up into maturity.
The Whore churches that dot every street corner have the stench of their mother.

Those people who are NOT brain-addled and stupefied in the sugar-water Harlot Churches, are busy decrying the evil of the coming New World Order, while in ignorance they embrace the very doctrines of Antichrist.

It is the Ultimate Conspiracy, and if it were possible, it would deceive even the very elect.

Do Catholics go to heaven? You better find out, because odds are you are one.

By M. Bunker

Romans 16:17
Now i beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.

Romans 16:18
For they that are such serve NOT our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good works and fair speeches decieve the hearts of simple people.

11 Comments on “Dave Hunt

  1. Too bad the video’s aren’t coming up on the page, I was really wanting to watch these ones…
    …off to throw out my old Dave Hunt books now…I KNEW they were off, just hadn’t had time to research it yet!

  2. Hi, they are not videos. They’re only photos.

    I am pleased to see you put the Dave Hunt books you own in their rightful place….IN THE TRASH!

  3. I am glad that I found this blog. I love it when the true believers speak out about the truth, and expose those who are misleading and manipulating and deceiving people. Even the children of God can be subtly deceived by false teachings that come in all different packages, such as training sessions in the workplace or topics in the classroom. I think that many times we get caught off guard. Whatever our environment, we need to have on the whole armour of God because this is a war where the enemy never sleeps! I appreciate your blog.

  4. Thanks for this helpful blog. I am trying to share many of these things with my own immediate family but they have been heavily steeped in Arminianism over the years (as we all were). Some are listening but others are hardened and obstinate. I will keep praying for them and sharing the truth with them, hoping that God will open their eyes to the truth. Thanks again!

    • Have patience David (I’m sure you have) and keep sharing the truth with them.
      You and I both know that only God can open their spiritual eyes.
      All we can do is faithfully declare what God says in His Word, and hope that God has mercy on them and gives them repentance unto the acknowledging of the truth.
      I am pleased that this website has been a blessing to you.

  5. Calvinism will always be on the firing line. James White states the amusing fact that when He was a Southern Baptist,He was heading a class and reading from Romans 9. Several people got up and left before he even made any comments on the chapter. Moral of the story: If they can’t bear to listen to God,why would they listen to any Calvinist. Truth hurts.

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