A Study of 2nd Chronicles 26:16

But when he Uzziah was strong, his heart was lifted up to his destruction: for he transgressed against the LORD his God, and went into the temple of the LORD to burn incense upon the altar of incense.
2 Chronicles 26:16

The seriousness of King Uzziah’s sin is due to the fact that the priestly office he dared to fulfill was a foreshadowing of Christ in His priestly office as the one mediator between God and men. While many, like me in years past, never would openly deny my need for Christ as a mediator or even recognize that fact within my own heart and mind, my doctrine exposed no less. My doctrine, my gospel at that time, didn’t really require the mediation of Christ. Instead, I imagined the pivotal issue in my salvation hinged upon that which I would do for myself so as to appropriate God’s blessing – not upon the work of Christ, the one and only Mediator.

Well, as sinners born in darkness, we are unaware of our complicity with Uzziah unless and until God graciously confronts us with the true Gospel. We only become aware by God-given faith under the sound of the true gospel. This religious pride we all possess in common with Uzziah should be evident in the honest answers (whether openly admitted or simply held close, harbored within one’s heart) to the question concerning the basis of their hope. Why do you believe you will be eternally blessed in heaven’s glory or what distinguishes you from those who perish? Let me ask you, would your honest answer be like one of the answers that I once would have given and that so many would give even now if they were honest with themselves.

Is your real hope (if you are honest) derived from things such as the following?:

1. I remember when under great conviction, I walked down a church aisle and professed faith in my Christ before men and I was baptized to profess the same.

2. I’m truly sorry for my sins – even sorry enough to actually reform. I’ve cried genuine tears of remorse over my sins and asked God to forgive me.

3. I prove my faith by my pocketbook – putting my money where my mouth is. 1 donate money to the church (a tithe or more than a tithe)

4. I walk my talk – I’m moral and truly sincere about my faith.

5. Because I believe – pure and simple

And the list could go on (fervently pray, read my bible daily, etc.). While most if not all those things are admirable in and of themselves, if you take comfort from any of those things as playing any causal role in your acceptance before God – if things such as these (things done by you, in you, or through you the sinner – form any part of the ground or cause of your salvation, (whether you openly acknowledge it or not – but if in your heart of hearts you know that to be case), then I pray you’ll see from the story of King Uzziah, that such notions place you in his company, for you to have dared to usurp the role that God the Father appointed to be accomplished by the one and only mediator, the God-man, the Lord Christ Jesus, for you’ve presumed to make the difference that only He could and did make in His obedience unto death – by the shedding of His precious blood.

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