No Condemnation In Christ Jesus

“There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus…”
(Romans 8:1)

We here touch a vital and profound truth. Rich and accumulative as the passages are which offer their aid in its elucidation, we despair of conveying to other than a mind experimentally acquainted with the truth itself, anything like an adequate representation of the imposing magnitude and glory of the condition.

To be in Christ may really be felt, but not easily described.

The first view, then, which we present, is that which illustrates the mystical indwelling of the church in Christ, when he stood as its substitute. As all the nations of the world were federally and mystically in Adam when he fell; so the “holy nation,” the Church of God, was federally and mystically in the Second Adam, “the Lord from heaven,” when in the counsel of God he presented himself as its Surety, and when in the fullness of time he appeared, all robed for the sacrifice, to discharge the engagement.

Approach that cross, and what do you behold?

Is it that you see a guilty one, suffering — a criminal, worthy of death?

No; you see the sinless Son of God bearing the sin, and, by consequence, the condemnation of his people.

And in that wondrous spectacle, you see brought to the bar of Infinite Justice — tried, sentenced, and condemned, in the person of their surety — all those who are in Christ Jesus.

In Christ they were chosen — to Christ they were betrothed — with Christ they were united — by Christ they are saved, and, sitting with Christ on his throne, they shall reign with him forever and ever.

By Octavius Winslow – 1862

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