The USA In Bible Prophecy

Is there anything in the Bible that specifically refers to the United States insofar as the future of this world is concerned?

There is nothing in the Bible that indicates or names the United States. While it is true that God does name historic nations like Egypt and Israel, He does not name any modern nation. It certainly does not name Russia or China or the United States or Germany, or any of these nations.

However, God does indicate His judgment upon the world. And when He speaks of His judgment upon any nation, God has in view the whole world. The whole world, including the United States, is going to experience God’s damning judgments, God’s wrath poured out because of the infidelity, the fornication of the body of believers, the church, as it’s found in many congregations and denominations throughout the world. And the Bible of course also indicates that the Gospel will be silenced. This will occur in the United States just as well as in every nation. And then of course the Bible speaks of Judgment Day itself coming, which will involve all the peoples of the world.

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