Will I Go To Hell If I Don’t Believe In Jesus?

Question – Do you think that without Jesus we will go to hell?

Answer – If Christ is not our Saviour, we will end up in hell for sure. God’s justice demands that the payment for sin be made and Jesus is the only one who was capable of making that payment.

The big question is: If I am not saved, how can I become saved? How can I know that God paid for my sins? That is God’s business, but God tells us that we can plead to Him for mercy.

We can cry out to God, “O, God, have mercy on me. You ought to send me to hell because I am a sinner, but I want to be your child. Have mercy on me. I want to know more and more about your wonderful salvation plan, and so I read the Bible and obey, but, O, God have mercy on me.”

God does have mercy on those who cry to Him with all their heart.

One Comment on “Will I Go To Hell If I Don’t Believe In Jesus?

  1. Hello,
    How are you.
    I am finding it VERY difficult to believe in Hell.I hope you won’t mind helping me.

    Ok, some people are bound to hell.But forever… ?
    What would be gained by that.
    1) Based on their conduct/life the soul would suffer pain in hell and then perish for ever OR
    2) After suffering enough and repentance a second chance will have to be give to the soul.Either heaven or something else.

    What does the Bible say.If Bible says its eternal then please help me understand.

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